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Faseeh Estate, Purpose Is To Make Home Moving Easier In The Pakistan & Worldwide.

Faseeh Estate is about transforming the property market, about making the lives of customers and Estate Agents easier through technology. For customers who are active in the market, it provides a richer, deeper view of market activity beyond just live property listings. For those browsing for ideas and inspiration, it offers a more engaging and interesting experience. We’ve created the most powerful property site ever. It’s a place where you can see more and do more; a place where you can make things happen in the moment; and a place which reduces the burden and anxiety that can come from moving home. Our DNA is all about making people feel good about everything property,

       faseeh estate officially launched to the public on 2nd April 2000.

Faseeh Hashmi | CEO/Founders
+92 321 844 0666
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We like to think we’ve created somewhere that’s a little different to most companies (although most of us have been here so long, we’ve forgotten what the real world is like!).We think that how we work is as important as what we work on. So that means that everyone can (and is expected to) speak up about the things they think we do well, the things we can improve on and the ideas they’ve got. At Faseeh Estate, we are always looking at ways that we can be better and it’s that energy and drive for improvement which makes us stand out. Everyone at Faseeh Estate wants us to be better and it’s that energy and drive for improvement which makes us stand out. How we work is as important as what we’re working on. Everyone is encouraged to speak up about the things we do well and share views and suggestions on how we can be better. We have an open plan office environment and you’re just as likely to have the CEO sit next to you as your teammates, this encourages an environment where we share feedback regularly, appreciate what everyone is doing, and we get to enjoy the journey whilst doing it.

Naeem Sajjad | Director
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We value your input

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